Building a global translator community

Lytech was founded with the vision to create a perfect environment where translators can excel at work.

Rarely seen and often neglected, we believe translators are the protagonists of an ever-globalizing world and must be recognized as a vital profession in today's world economy.

Today, we are constantly providing new tools and information to help translators to be more motivated, productive, and happy.

Do the right thing

We always take action based on integrity and respect for those we care about, including our people, member, and our community.

Strive to be better

As part of a global community, we share the purpose to constantly improve to become better as individuals and as teams.

Be entrepreneurial

To reshape the way we work, we must be bold and demonstrate the resiliency to push ahead no matter the odds.

Cultural diversity

We're grateful for our members and our community for the opportunities we have in front of us.